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Director and Performer - Marielle Gonier

After an initiation to ballet and  a solid musical training at the conservatory, Marielle left her native island of Martinique for New York to complete her artistic training, specializing in dance.


In Paris she continued her professional formation in various artistic disciplines, including dance, theatre, singing and drums. She started her professional career first as a dancer, and then as a performance artist. In parallel, Marielle studied at the University of Paris VIII, where she graduated in Performing Arts.

Marielle’s stage experience is wide, from performing on stage for the famous Folies Bergères to the Opera Comique in Paris and Opera of Compiegne. She has performed across Europe and her video work has been exhibited around the world.


Marielle is the founder of Un jour/Une performance, where she devotes herself to multidisciplinary artistic creations, performances, and artwork in collaboration across a range of artistic, literary and health areas.


Artistic approach

    Performance- artist, creator of artistic performances using different supports, Marielle creates by offering a singular vision where arts and movements mix, always in the search of an unformatted writing. Its starting point: the body-interiority relationship towards a universal language.

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Artistic approach

     Lukas is crafting collages of neo-classical, experimental and electronic compositions, with hint of traditional influences, yet made in a modern way. He is searching for originality in values that music can manifest. His intention is to provide music for contemplative listening, exploration and traveling in mind.

Music composer -  Lukas Bulko


     Lukas Bulko aka Alapastel is a musician, producer and self-taught composer from Slovakia. He was born in 1986 and lives in Bratislava. In 2018, his debut album "Hidden For The Eyes" was released under Slowcraft Records. The production of the album took 8 years of work. His second full length album called "Ceremony" will be released on October 8th 2021 under Lost Tribe Sound label in United States.

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Rupert Murray - Camera operator

     Rupert is a film director working in London. Murray began by making television documentaries for Channel Four's Cutting Edge series including Playing For England and Seconds To Impact (cameraman and editor), and short films Outsiders and This Was My War, co-directed with Beadie Finzi.

In 2005 he directed British documentary film Unknown White Male, the story of an Englishman Doug Bruce living in New York who experienced retrograde amnesia. The film premiered at Sundance and was nominated for a Grierson award, a British Independent Film Award and a Directors Guild of America award.

The film was greeted with some scepticism from film critics in the USA on release, several of whom believed it was an elaborate hoax.The filmmakers have consistently rejected this allegation. Influential film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said that he was "convinced of its truthfulness".

In 2007 he directed Wild Art: Olly and Suzi for BBC Storyville.

Murray also directed The End of The Line, a documentary about the effects of overfishing. The film was shown at Sundance 2009 and has resulted in major retailers changing their fish sourcing policy.

He also worked on a film about climate sceptics for the BBC.

    For the other artists who participated to the original soundtrack of Performing Land , a contract has been sign between   Un jour /Une performance and  their record company,  for using one music track .

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