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       Performing Land project has been concieved  by Marielle Gonier  during an Artist-in- Residence Program ,  Montemero Art Residency in Murcia, in Spain.   Initially imagined as a sensitive research between body and nature: the performer discovers , step by step, natural areas, almost virgin, that she never saw before and she will discover in live . Then , she will start to be affected by those places in different ways .( no rehearsals, improvisation work.) The project grew, little by little, becoming  an original  journey between  observation, exploration and experimentation.

 Soon, after unexpected encounters, a film was born in August 2021.

Performing Land also takes the form of a serial of live performances.


Performing Land aims to bear witness to a human experience, deeply nourished and influenced by the energy of Nature. Through processes of  discovery, exploration and experimentation, the performer will be taken on a sensory  and  reflexive journey .

 It is an attempt to consider the human body as a single living organic substance devoid of any social codes, also a natural moving material capable of giving shapes and volumes to an aesthetic representation, as an offering to mother earth .


In these stages of being, the performer brings to light the temporal in relation to the timeless, questioning the place of nature in the existence of every individual, towards a possible reconciliation between them.


Duration : 3min39

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       The integral Performing Land movie is in H264  codage, 4K or HSBC format. The duration is approximately 25 minutes , fits for tv or web program,  private and public art events etc. 


       Regarding Performing Land live performances, a serial of 1 to 3 performances can be presented in function of the event.  

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